Monday, April 15, 2019

Glynn Stewart - Space Carrier Avalon / Stellar Fox / ...


It’s military space opera, small federation fighting big evil commonwealth, hotshot pilot becomes captain after an accident.

It isn’t bad, but we’ve seen all of this before. (David Weber, anyone?) Fortunately Stewart’s writing and plots are better than, for example, Nuttall’s.


Good stuff when you're driving and need some shallow military tainted entertainment. Nothing deep, just space opera. (Am I actually reading this stuff?!? No, I'm not, I'm listening to it in the car, and that way it's entertaining. Which is fine in its own way.)


Hot space pilot becomes captain becomes fleet commander. Add some politics and one evil yet very powerful Earth based sort of empire trying to crush a small but technologically slightly more advanced other star nation slash federation. You got it by now.


The Castle Federation series consists thus far of the following books:

  1. Space Carrier Avalon
  2. Stellar Fox
  3. Battle Group Avalon
  4. Q-ship Chameleon
  5. Rimward Stars
  6. Operation Medusa

I wouldn't be surprised by future additions, even when these six books are a complete set, wrapping up the complete story (something David Weber has some troubles with, it seems).

But there is a clear opening in the final book for (lots of) sequels.

Dapper / Telltales! 95

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