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This is a personal blog about things that might interest geeks like me...

  • SciFi and Fantasy reviews
  • Computers & Gaming
  • Electronics & Domotics
  • Music
  • Other random subjects ☺

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This pitiful blog: http://ninelizardsblog.blogspot.com

My poorly maintained website: http://www.ninelizards.com

More horrible fiction: https://www.wattpad.com/user/NineLizards

An international APA for those who love SF & Fantasy: Dapper

My little contribution to the Purebasic language: The Purebasic Survival Guide


This is a multilingual blog. If a post is in more than one language I typically start with the English version. Headers in English sections are blue, headers in Dutch sections are red.

There are three ways to find a post (when using the regular website):
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  • History


Blogger calls it 'labels', the rest of the world will call it a 'tag'. I have marked most of my posts with one or more labels. On the right side of the blog screen you will see a list of specific subjects. Select one of those labels, and only posts with that label will show up.

So, if you would like to see English posts only, you'd first select 'Blog' under 'Pages', and then 'English' under 'Labels'. You can't combine different labels, unfortunately...


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About me

I write bad fiction. In poor English.

In all other aspects I'm just like a normal person.

I also (re)build my own kitchen, paint murals, suffer two daughters, work for a technology company, and pay my taxes (unless I can avoid them). I do like gadgets and reading / watching science fiction. I watch an unhealthy amount of 'cult' television series (anything from Supernatural to Fringe to Person of Interest to Farscape.)

Fair warning

If you cannot read a post, it either means...

  • You are drunk 
  • You need new glasses 
  • I was drunk when I posted it 
  • It is in Dutch, or... 
  • All of the above 😏 

Note that I am NOT a native English speaker, so there will be more than enough mistakes in my writing... Please accept my apologies upfront.

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