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This is a personal blog about things that interest me... science fiction, music, electronics, games, and other nonsense.

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This is a multilingual blog. If a post is in more than one language I typically start with the English version. Headers in English sections are blue, headers in Dutch sections are red.

Please note that I am NOT a native English speaker, so there will be more than enough mistakes in my writing... Please accept my apologies upfront.

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About me

I write bad fiction. In poor English.

In all other aspects I'm just like a normal person.

I also (re)build my own kitchen, paint murals, suffer two daughters, work for a technology company, and pay my taxes (unless I can avoid them). I do like gadgets and reading / watching science fiction. I watch an unhealthy amount of 'cult' television series (anything from Supernatural to Fringe to Person of Interest to Farscape.) 


This pitiful blog: http://ninelizardsblog.blogspot.com

My poorly maintained website: http://www.ninelizards.com

More horrible fiction: https://www.wattpad.com/user/NineLizards

An international APA for those who love SF & Fantasy: Dapper

My little contribution to the Purebasic language: The Purebasic Survival Guide 

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