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What is your opinion on fanfiction / fanfiction authors? I don't mind, but I've never written a fan fiction, I once tried (to write) a little Farscape but it just wasn't my thing. (Farscape is, but fanfiction is not.) I prefer to work on original stuff. Does that mean fanfiction is bad?

How would you feel if someone wrote fanfiction about your story?

Imagine you're an established author, and someone would write something set in your world, or use your characters, how would you feel? How should you feel?

Personally, I would feel flattered.

Though I've seen some very disturbing stuff, so I can understand why some writers don't like 'variant takes' on their stories. Still, if it's a fan effort, and not a deliberate put-down or abuse or outright plagiarism, I guess most authors would be fine with it.

Is fanfiction 'disrespectful to the creator of the original story'?

Euh... say what?

I think that's bull. The ultimate example is Dungeons and Dragons. Every story set in a D&D universe is, in some aspect, fanfiction. (And yeah, I play D&D, or did play until Covid took over.)

Writing fanfiction must be discouraged!

Why? If it helps someone become a better writer, then let them be. Stories can be quite enjoyable when placed in a familiar world.

Writing can be fun, who cares what it is about?

But... I must say reading fanfiction is a different thing. Although that needs a little elaboration. It's not that reading fanfiction is bad, it's just that it is hard to find the good stuff.

Is there any good fanfiction?

Unfortunately, lots of fanfiction is... well... not very good. Most of it goes boy-x-boy involving the two main male characters of whatever the source, or... well... Euh... that's pretty much it 😪

Great if you like it.

That doesn't mean there isn't great fanfiction out there, but it's buried under tons of crap. Thus far, the best fanfiction I ran into is the Alexandra Quick series, although one could claim that's more original / world sharing than fanfiction. So perhaps it doesn't count.

So, go ahead!

But keep in mind: if you enjoy reading or writing fanfiction, then keep doing so! We all have our own tastes,  so don't listen to others.

One little note though: fanfiction is a bit of an acquired taste. Don't push it on people who don't like it.


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